I Awoke in Dreamland
Poems from Either Side

In a starburst of vibrant images both lavish and spare, cerebral and sensual, Matthew Galbraith confronts some of life's arcane mysteries: the hazy boundaries between otherworldly dreams and dreamy realities, the tangled inscrutable cosmos, and the wondrous miracle of each minute of life on our lonely planet.

With tragic wit he logs our rudderless journey on mankind's ship of fools, then celebrates with rapture the divine beauty of true love.

Meant to be read aloud and savored, the poems in this collection create luxuriant images with Galbraith's keen sense of sound and rhythm.

This new 4th edition includes an earlier collection of Galbraith's poems titled Humanoid, along with a few of the poet's sketches from 1975.

  introduction H U M A N O I D
Cover Design & Poems Copyright © 2010 by Matthew Galbraith.